Delivery Lost Package


All of our shipments are sent with Tracking Number

We provide email updates of delivery status via email 

Should you have any issues with the delivery of your package please follow the steps below:

1.  Contact the delivery service with the tracking number provided.

Packages are scanned throughout shipping and the shipping companies (UPS, Federal Express, USPS, etc.) have more accurate and detailed information on the location of your package.  Most carriers have GPS (Global Positioning) on where packages were last scanned. 

This process resolves over 99% of all miss-deliveries.  If this does not resolve the issue. Please contact us:

2.   Contact Lionblood, LLC via email or via our Contact us page. 

We will create a trouble ticket, and a schedule a replacement order to be processed upon carrier response to our inquiry/claim; typically 15 -20 days from original delivery date. 

We follow the regulations as set by the Delivery Service, generally a claim can be filed 15 days after the delivery date.